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Posted by Salim M on Monday, 20 March, 2006

Well I haven’t made any updates the last few days. I am just one news junkie full-time uni student with a job on the side running this thing so it gets hard at times. This site takes a lot of effort and energy to run. Heaps.

I’m putting the site on temporary hiatus. During the break I hope to re-plan things a little, maybe come back with a new format, features, etc. but no promises for now.

Comments, suggestions, etc. are more than welcome.




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World News Tuesday, 14 Mar. 2006

Posted by Salim M on Wednesday, 15 March, 2006

Condoleezza Rice negotiates with US Congress to have the India-US nuclear deal approved. She also visits Indonesia, aiming to improve realtions with the the country. Over 400 Indonesians participate in an anti-US rally upon her arrival.

George Bush says that Iraq still has a hard road to follow and asks Iraqis to make some compromises while forming the new united government. He is, however, confident things will work out. Iraqi Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr says that the US has been creating the civil war environment. 80 more bodies have been found in Baghdad over a two-day period.

Britain is reducing its number of troops deployed in Iraq to 7000, down 800.

Russia says that Iran has been blocking its diplomatic efforts to sort out the nuclear power debacle and expresses disappointment with Iran’s behaviour. Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that a fresh round of talks between the two nations have started. Iran threatens the US with “harm and pain” for its part in sending the issue to the UN Security Council. The Council remains split on the issue.

Israeli troops surround and raid a Palestinian jail to capture militants it calims are responsible for the assassination of an Israeli cabinet minister. 

As the death of Slobodan Milosevic is reported as being a heart attack, it is revelaed that he had been taking potentially harmful drugs. Russia is sceptical and sends its own team of doctors to The Hague to investigate. Serbia will not let him be buried in Belgrade.

Creation of the proposed UN Human Rights Council is delayed. Oddly enough, the USA and Cuba stand together in opposition of the creation of the council.

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World News Monday, 13 Mar. 2006

Posted by Salim M on Tuesday, 14 March, 2006

George Bush tries to sure-up the ranks of US troops in Iraq by planning a series of speeches outlining the governments plans. Bush says that tactics are being adjusted to meet the threat of car bombs and the like.

Iran states that it is no longer considering the Russian plan to enrich their uranium offshore, saying that “the situation has changed”. Russian proposes fresh talks in Vienna involving the US, China, France and Britain.

Condoleezza Rice says that the US wants to give Palestine financial aid and would like to find a way for it to happen. The US is considering giving funding to aid agencies instead of the Palestinian Authority and asks Indoneisia for help in discussions with the Palestinians.

It is revelaed that before announcing his plans of setting a definite border, acting Israeli PM Ehud Olmert consulted the USA for their opinion. The US “neither approved nor objected to it”.

Two bombs explode in a Shiite area of Baghdad killing 44.

Residents of the Japanese city of Iwakuni vote overwhelmingly against plans to expand the US military presence there. The vote isn’t binding, but acts as a gauge of public opinion towards US military stationed on Japanese soil. Tokyo is going ahead with the move regardless.

Venezula gets a new flag.

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World News Saturday, 11 Mar. 2006 & Sunday, 12 Mar. 2006

Posted by Salim M on Sunday, 12 March, 2006

Preliminary meetings of the UN Security Councuil over the Iran nuclear issue have taken place between Britain, China, France, Russia, and the USA. The nations discussed putting more pressure on Iran to give up its nuclear enrichment and reactor plans. The push is spearheaded by the USA who want to issue Iran a two week deadline to end their nuclear program. George Bush calls Iran a “grave national security concern” but commits to a diplomatic approach for the time being. Condoleezza Rice urges the entire Security Council to convene on the matter immediately.

A Hamas senior cheif has called interim Isreali PM Ehud Olmert’s plans to establish a permanent border by 2010 a ‘declaration of war‘. People wonder which direction the new Hamas Palestinain PM will take the party and the nation. Hamas has yet to finalise its policy program, but does give information about its basic principles.

The EU threatens to cut aid to Palestine unless Hamas commits to a peace plan and Former US Pres. Jimmy Carter writes that Israel’s colonisation of Palestine is the major inhibitor of peace in the region.

The US rejects the notion that by signing the India-USA nuclear deal it is infact recognising India as a nuclear power. Pres. Bush, meanwhile, pushes a change in laws to enable the deal’s enactment.

Chile has a new President, Michelle Bachelet. Bachelet, the nation’s first female leader, is a former exile who was tortured during Chile’s dictatorship days under the rule of Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Despite comdenation from doctors worldwide, the US defends the force-feeding of Guantanamo Bay inmates on a hungerstrike.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s proposed reforms of the organisation have been met with a vote of no confidence by UN staff.

Former Pres. of Serbia and, later, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milošević dies in jail in The Hague as his trail nears an end. Prosecutors are upset that he will never be punished for his war crimes.

George Bush says that he is confident there will be no civil war in Iraq.

India and China hold talks to sort out their ongoing border dispute.

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Theme Change, a New Page, and a Cry for Help

Posted by Salim M on Saturday, 11 March, 2006

Just a couple of things. I’m sure regular readers will have noticed the theme change. Its not just sexy, its also more functional! On the right we now have a search funtion and direct links to the RSS feeds for new entries and comments. Syndicate away!

I’ve also taken this post about Commonwealth Games traffic changes and made it into a page which is accessible at the top of the site for easy access.

One more thing. Austalian news updates haven’t been published lately due to my rather hectic schedule. If anyone would like to volunteer some of their time to make these updates (I’m guessing ~30 mins/day), please contact me.

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World News Friday, 10 Mar. 2006

Posted by Salim M on Saturday, 11 March, 2006

Condoleezza Rice says that the US faces “no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran” sighting that Iran has plans for the Middle East which are a complete opposite to those of the US. Iran says that it will not be ‘bullied’ by the West vowing to make no compromises in its nuclear ambitions. They also harshly criticise the IAEA’s decision to refer them to the UN Security Council, calling it ‘unjust’. The BBC publish a summary of the issue.

First experts said that Iran was still about ten years away from a nuclear bomb, then the experts said that five years was a more accurate timeline, now Britain say that Iran could be nuke-capable by the end of the year.

More criticism of the US-India nuclear deal comes forth as the White House attacks critics saying that the deal will help prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. The deal being done, India must now convince China that it has no intentions of forsaking their relationship.

The recently published US human rights report details abuses in Iraq much to the irk of the Iraqi gov. who say that the US is neglecting its own abuses including Abu Ghraib. The US says that it will close the Abu Ghraib prison and move detainess to other jails in the country.

Donald Rumsfeld says that in the event of a civil war breaking out in Iraq, the US would not get involved instead leaving the situation to the Iraqis to handle. In Baghdad, a private security company is raided and 50 employees abducted demonstrating the futility of the current authority.

Hamas plan to announce their new cabinet in the coming days and a visit to Saudi Arabia is organised. Hamas also meets with Fatah after revoking some laws made by PM Mahmoud Abbas.

Interim Israeli President Ehud Olmert promises that if elected, he will set permanent borders for the country by 2010.

The political crisis in Thailand worsens with a bomb exploding in Bangkok. The target appears to be the cheif advisor to the country’s king.

The fallout from the Prophet Muhamamd cartoon saga is examined by two leading muslim commentators.

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World News Thursday, 09 Mar. 2006

Posted by Salim M on Friday, 10 March, 2006

Iraqi Shiite leaders threaten to block the opening session of Iraq’s new parliament in protest over requests that their PM candidate Ibrahim al-Jaafari be withdrawn. Meanwhile, soldiers discover the bodies of 24 excecuted Iraqis in Baghdad streets. 

In a recently published human rights report, the US harshly critisices China and Iran as being the ‘most systematic’ human rights violators. China releases its own report critical of US human rights abuse. An interesting conclusion of the US report is that democracy does not guarantee human rights.

The US say that North Korea fired two short-range missiles in testing earlier during the week which, it is claimed, is further proof that N. Korea is a real security threat. Independent analysts, however, disagree. N. Korea, meanwhile, announce their terms for more nuclear talks with the US.

Russian announces that it will not support sanctions against Iran, sighting that sanctions don’t really work. The US call for Iran to be referred to the UN Security Council right away. Iran says that the West will suffer more than it.

Germany announces that it is behind Israel all the way with regards to its stance on Hamas. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas seeminlgy throws his weight behind Israeli PM Ehud Olmert’s Kadima Party in upcoming elections, which damages the party’s standings.

It is argued that Australia’s refusal to sell uranium to India demonstrates that India must still do a lot of work before the benefits of the recent US-India nuclear deal become apparent.

US CENTCOM Commander General John Abizaid meets with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in an attempt to calm increasing tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Kofi Annan’s planned UN restructuring outrages staff and many Third World countires. Part of the plan includes 1000 redundancies.

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